Our Services
Cleaning Services
Cleaning means different things to different people and different organizations. Common to all, however, is the need for clean and inviting internal surroundings that provide a healthy and effective working environment. Our approach is based on processes, methods, and skilled employees. This is how we ensure that the customer receives a detailed, professional, and consistent level of quality in the services delivered.

In collaboration with the customer we work closely to understand precisely what is needed and provide a professional, transparent and tailored cleaning solution. Encompassing a range of service solutions enables the customer to scale their services to meet their ever changing needs.

Support Services
Reception and mail-room management are examples of basic everyday activities within an organization that are essential for creating an efficient business. When support services are outsourced to Explorer, we remove the administrative burden to the customer by providing skilled employees who deliver a rigorous level of accountability and reliable task performance. This frees up the customer’s managers to focus on their core duties without worrying about the basic daily activities. .
We deliver a wide range of support services which can be combined in numerous ways according to the customer’s needs. Creating a flexible, transparent and tailor-made solution in close dialogue with the customer, based essentially on standard procedures and modules, enables the customer to scale services to meet changing needs. By providing the customer with a progressive and broad overview of support services we give the customer complete insight into costs.

Property Services
Welcoming and well-maintained buildings and surroundings are important elements in a property’s value. Owning a building is a question of deciding a time horizon for the investment to prevent deterioration, breakdowns or damage. Partnering with ISS provides insurance for securing and increasing our customer’s property value whatever the investment horizon.

We create a flexible, transparent and tailor-made solution in close dialogue with the customer, which allows the customer to scale services to meet changing needs. We act as advisor, consultant and coach to enable continuous improvements, and we provide our customer with a progressive and broad overview of preventive maintenance services. Our objective is to prolong the value of the property by optimizing the servicing of the facilities.
Catering Services
Food plays a crucial part in our lives. With our expertise and experience we know how much healthy, fresh and tasty food can influence work performance. Bearing that in mind, our competent chefs and in-house specialists take pride in creating nutritionally balanced and innovative menus. This is our way of giving the customer the best ingredients for a well-functioning and healthy workforce. In collaboration with our customers we work closely to understand their precise needs. Working within the ethnic and cultural environment, we tailor a flexible and transparent solution that enables customers to scale services to meet ever changing needs.
Security Services
Security at Explorer Facilities Management’s ultimate focus is to promote the importance of an embedded security culture across each inch of your business and working environment. Security is now as relevant to the whole workforce in everyday operations as safety and quality. Our Security Team Members will foster a combined effort from everyone to view security as a shared responsibility.
Our objective is to deter and detect potential wrongdoing in the environments that we have been charged with protecting. Working together with the customer we provide a consistent, reliable and high-quality end-to-end security solution. We ensure that the customer has all bases covered and the necessary safety measures implemented to mitigate risk.

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